Milling 101 Second Session

Host Gene Niegoff

February 24, 2004

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This meeting was again hosted at Toolcraft. Thank you for again opening your facilities for our benifit.

Gene describing tramming
This meeting focused on setup and tramming of the head on the Bridgeport style of mill. Gene began with a description of tramming, tolerances and accuracy.
Determining the flatness of the table
Measuring the table flatness
Tramming the table
Determining the results of the tramming
Tramming the table
determining the flatness of the table with a straight edge
A rare straight edge tool
Discussion of using a sine plate for setting special angles
We then moved on to a discussion of setup and various methods for repeatability.
A usefull tool, the Planer Guage
Using the Planer Guage
The planer guage and Sine bar
Commercial tramming clamp with indicator
Q & A after the meeting