2016 Meetings


Date Subject
January 9th 2016 Networking Meeting at Beevo's Shop in Tempe
February 20th 2016   Annual Swap Meet (note it's the THIRD Saturday this year)
March 12th 2016  Annual Family Picnic - (New location Daly Park, Tempe)
April 9th 2016 TBA - Check the Yahoo! group
May 14th 2016 Basic CNC & Work Holding at Beevo's home shop
June 11th 2016 Networking Meeting at ToolCraft in Glendale
July 9th 2016 Show & Tell  Meeting at ToolCraft in Glendale
August 13th 2016 Prescott Get-away!  Doug Endrud's Shaper Meeting
September 10th 2016 Networking Meeting
October 8th 2016 Heat Treating with Richard Wetnight
November 12th 2016 Forge/Heat treating Demo
December 10th 2016 Investment Casting II  Beevo's home shop