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Doug Cone, AZ Metals Co-Owner and his damn big shear!  The shear will cut a 10' wide piece of 1/4" mild steel.  The shear goes Bam! and the floor jumps when he does.  I have been there for this event.

AZ metals is so much more than a metal supply store.  They have several shears (think Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear), multiple very large band saws (including an automated model that will make repetitive cuts un attended), a cold saw which must be seen to appreciate and a large metal worker.  All of the machines were demonstrated for the group including punching a 1/2" hole through a 1" piece of steel, impressive to say the least.

The nicest thing about this company is the personal, no job is too small (yes, I hate that cliché as ,much as anyone else, but it is SO true) approach to their customers.  The pricing is more than fair and as you will see in some of the image, you will not leave empty handed when you go looking for some odd piece of metal.