Champlin Fighter Museum & Bronze Pour

December 1st, 2001 

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On Dec 1st we got together with S.A.M.E. from Tucson and went to the Champlin fighter museum in Mesa, and then finished off the night watching a 300 lb. bronze pour at Arizona Bronze.

There were a lot of old airplanes from WW1 to Modern times at Champlin Fighter Museum. If you have never had the chance to go, try to take time out and make it there. It will be moving to Seattle Washington in 2003.

The bronze pour was pretty neat. It was all sculpture parts and the process was lost wax with ceramic shell.

Scott brought his BATTLE BOT and gave us a small demo on how it works. Boy that thing is fast!

There is also a really neat IC engine display at the Museum. The craftsmanship that went into those little motors is phenomenal!


P-51 Mustang


Russian Mig

Scotts BOT!!!!!
Small jet engine

Sopwith Triplane
Focker Triplane

Focker DR-7

Sopwith Camel
The first fighter plane!......  Berliot

Bronze Pour! 


The Bronze before the melt
The molds for the molten bronze

Heating up the molds for the metal to be poured into.
Begining the pour.

Pouring the bronze!!!