Electroplating Demo

Host Tom Haltmeyer

October  6, 2001

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Tom H. hosted a electroplating demonstration at his house 6 Oct. 2001. We went over the fundamentals of plating and how it might be handy for restoring old machines and such. Plating was done on some copper pieces to show how each bath worked. Then John Cannon jumped in and plated a nut for the yoke on his Indian motorcycle he is restoring. It went great! There may have been a bit too many doughnuts though!!!! (three dozen). It was a good showing with Neil, John, Alan, Bob, Owen (from up prescott way) and myself.

The gang just enjoying the day!

John cleaning a nut for his Indian motorcycle.
In the Nickel plating tank.

Very carefully watching the nickel process.
Tom H. explaining electroplating