Jerome Outing

September 22, 2001

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Five of us took a trip to Jerome in northern Arizona. Bob, Alan, Neil, Tom Haltmeyer Sr, and Tom Jr. were the brave souls. Jerome was a mining town that was a big producer of copper. Since the ore dried up it has turned into a sleepy little town that is slowly being restored. On the outskirts of town there is a old Ghost town/machinery type of a museum. This is what we went to see! After the museum trip we had lunch in town at the Jerome brewery (yes we ate!) and then on the way back we stopped at Alan's house to see all of his new machines he just got.

It was a great time!


Bob Sanders and my Dad remembering when...they never did get it running!

This is one radiator that I don't think will ever get a leak.

 At the museum there is a one cylinder, 30 HP. engine that was converted from a mine car puller to a sawmill. The operator cranked it up and ripped a board to show us how it worked. The motor leaked more oil than what was in it!

The sawmill engine running up to power. No loose clothing around this monster.


After the sawmill we found an old engine that the proprietor of the museum started up for us. This motor was huge! It was the power to run a generator. To start is he had to start a tractor that would run a air compressor off of the PTO shaft. Then he ran air into the cylinders to get the motor turning and then spark and fuel and away it went. When he shut it down he was monkeying with the timing and making it backfire. Man! Talk about loud noises and concussion!!

The owner/operator explaining the engine and his philosophy of life. :)
Looking out over the exhaust stacks. They were about a 4 inch diameter.

We also found where all the old trucks go when they wear out.
Next time you get a flat. Remember there is an alternative.

How many times have you wished you had one of these in your back yard to move all that dirt?

And to close out the trip we all went to Alan's house on the way home to see his new machinery :<) sorry Alan I had to do it!