Surface Grinding Demo & Nickel Shop Tour

Host Alan McDonald

May 19th, 2001

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In attendance, Alan McDonald, Bob Sanders, Marty Escarcega, Pat & Tony LeMmon, Scott Brown, Ron Yevin, Owen Jeffers and a special brief guest appearance by Chuck Kramer :-)


Alan, first gave us the "nickle" tour of his shop which included his woodworking machines and his metalworking machinery. Alan demonstrated his new "toy", a Hitachi VFD on his Index Mill. Tight space in his metalworking area but we all managed to squeeze in ok. Alan then took us to his nicely restored Rockwell Toolmaker surface grinder where he demonstrated its features, dressing the wheel and finally taking a cut. He had the rythym down pat. He also noted the importance of "sparking out" the wheel.

After the demo, we all met at Ray's Pizza for more good conversation and some REALLY GOOD PIZZA!

Next month scheduled for June 19th, its off to Prescott for a basic lathe turning demo by Pat LeMmon and a Bar-b-que.

Here are a few shots of the demo, sorry, no pics at the Pizza joint, I thought I'd spare those who did not attend. :-)