Buffing Demo

Hosts George Glines & Jim Riser

September 14, 2002

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On September 14th 2002 Valley metal got together for a buffing and polishing demo. George Glines was kind enough to let us use his shop for this. Jim Riser came up from Tucson to teach the demo. Many things were covered. Among them were, Safety, compounds, buffing wheels, types of machines, how to buff and polish and LOTS of good food!! It was a great time, as these usualy are.

Jim Riser teaching and showing the group different buffing wheels and compounds to use when buffing metal

It was a good turnout with around 9 guys making it to George Glines shop. Nice shop George!

Jim showing us how its done before any of us would try to buff some magic cups that Jim brought for us to practice on.

Master Jim teaching grasshopper Marty the fine art of buffing!

Alan from up new river way trying his hand at it.

Our newest member Jim, came down from cave creek. He has a pretty cool set up for solar power.

The buffing demo was a really good time for all to meet and talk. We get to bounce ideas around and help each other out with projects and such. PLUS.....there is always some kind of good food to be had.......What more could you want!

CYA all at the next one!!!!

Jim Riser, Alan McDonald, and Bob Sanders discussing the fine art of buffing and just how big of a buffer do you need :)