Lathe 101 workshop

Host Gene Nieghoff

May 17th, 2003

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This was a discussion and demonstration of techniques for turning threads. Gene took us through threading on the lathe. Prinicples, grinding the tool, used of the threading dial, thread gauge etc. Then Gene proceded to setup and turn an o.d. thread on the lathe.

The "rocket boys" Ron Zeppin, Mark Clark, and Norman Egolf described their hobby. Fascinating, far beyond the rockets we launched when we were kids. See their websites at: and

Jerry Hine brought his homemade Die Filer and allowed members to give it a go. A little history on the die filer was also discussed. Jerry made his from plans found in Home Shop Machinist Magazine. Nice work Jerry!

Below are pictures of a little engine built by Bob Sanders.

These shots are of a Die Filer which Jerry Hine built.