Metal Spinning Demo

Jim Riser

March 3 2003

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Our sincere thanks to Jim Riser for letting us invade his shop and dull his tools. The nickel tour was great, we had a good time. Also thanks to George Gline's for providing the material! It was a great experience!

Those in attendance were, George Glines, Darrell Collins, Bob Sanders, Marty Escarcega and of course Jim Riser.

Here you see George Glines Giving a go at spinning. He was our first volunteer. You see back to back lathes in Jim's Shop.

Here you see Bob Sanders lubing the copper disk for George. This lube is a special pink concoction dubbed "Marty Soap"!

Here Jim Riser showing us how to straighten the copper using a pair of tapered hardwood sticks. You can bend and form with them too.

Here the Master (Jim) is explaining to grasshopper (Darrell Collins), that it wasn't supposed to be an ashtray and why....

Bob Sanders going at it....he proceeded to show us all up. Turned out a perfectly formed tray the first was a special model, comes with a weep hole for draining the excess condensation from your glass.... :-)

Yours truly (Marty), who discovered he can't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.....