Owen Jeffers shop Tour

Saturday July 19th, 2003

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I don't have any meeting minutes, so I will add-lib some comments about the meeting and the pictures...


  • Owen Jeffers
  • Neil Butterfield
  • Alan McDonald
  • Marty Escarcega (w/guest Bill Chapman)
  • Ron Watkins
  • Tom Davis
  • Jerry Hine
  • Merlin Carlton
  • Tom Haltmeyer

  • This is a shot looking into Owen's shop. We see Neil, and Alan. On the right is Owen's hand-built Dore Westbury Mark 2 milling machine. It's a real beauty.
    First, we are treated to an interesting entry to his house, built about 1 year ago. The front door opens on a large rock-face on a steep lot.

    In this close-up, you can see the table and vise. Also, note the column rotation stop. Owen added this to be able to swing the head out of the work to change tools, then return the head to the proper location. Also, you probably can't tell from the picture, but the belt is a circular belt, not a standard v-belt. Owen mentioned that there were advantages to this design.

    In these next few shots, we see Owen describing his setup for marking indicators on dials using a Craftsman lathe. He does with manually as you can see from the shots.

    Here we have 3 shots of a 4.5" telescope which Owen built (without plans, I already asked...). It's square pipe with PVC focuser mount and mirror cell assembly. I believe he fabricated the focuser also, which is a tube on a friction roller pulled by a small spring. Just to add something special, Owen ground and polished the mirror himself.

    Here we have some shots of the plans for the mill, which Owen went over in some detail. Seems this was a kit which hasn't been distributed in years, and there was a rather interesting story about its acquisition. It took approx 2 years to assemble, and Owen had to fabricate some parts himself.

    The rest of the pictures followed the discussion. Here's a shot of Neil hard at work as our Treasurer, and the rest of the group enjoying the cool temperatures and a lunch prior to returning to Phoenix. Marty was acting as lead chef, and did a great job.