Four Jaw Chuck Usage

Host  Jerry Hine

March 12th 2005

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Members in Attendance

Jerry Hine

Tom Davis

Bob Harbour

Robert Riesman

Owen Jeffers

Steve Koerner

David Butterfield

Bob Sanders

The meeting was held at Jerry Hine's shop.


Bob Harbour, Steve Koerner, Robert Riesman, Jerry Hine and Tom Davis.  There's the doughnuts again!

Robert Riesman, Owen Jeffers (back) Bob Harbour, Bob Sanders, Steve Koerner

Jerry Hine, Tom Davis, David Butterfield

Jerry holding Aloris style tool holder with dial test indicator mounted.

Aloris tool holder with dial test indicator, the removed 3-jaw chuck and  sample work piece


After installing the 4-jaw chuck, Jerry Hine is shown inserting sample work piece.


Dial indicator on face of workpiece.  This is to set the workpiece true to the face of the chuck.


Dial indicator on the diameter of workpiece to set runout of workpiece.

Jerry Hine, Bob sanders, Owen Jeffers, Bob Harbour, Robert Riesman and Steve Koerner discuss the process and prepare to give it a try themselves.


Robert Riesman adjusting indicator, sure hope that isn't the "adjustment tool" laying in the chip pan...


Bob Harbour checking run-out


Tom Davis checking run-out