CAD Basics

June 11th 2005

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The meeting was held at EVIT (East Valley Institute of Technology) in Mesa AZ

Tom Powell the diagnostics instructor for EVIT graciously allowed us to use his classroom for the meeting.  Beevo (aka Bill VanOrden) and his wife Earla sit on the Advisory Board for the automotive program, Beevo put in the request for use of the classroom.  Time will tell but we should be able to use the room a few times each year for the non hands on classes.

After a brief battle with the borrowed digital projector that wanted to only display upside down and backwards we hooked up to the classroom's projector and got under way.  Man those "malfunctions" are a royal PITA.

Here's the groups of attendees (minus photographer Neil Butterfield).  Our presenter, **** is in the foreground with the white shirt.  Form front to back we also have Gene Lucas, Bill VanOrden, ***, ***, *** and *** is at the left in the image.

This is the sample machined item that was completely rendered using CAD/CAM.  The device is a nighttime fishing light.

Discussed in depth was the process of using a CAD program to drive a CNC milling machine.  One part of the process was the most efficient removal of material.  The program will calculate the passes, but knowledge of the amount that can efficiently be taken off is still a bit of an experience thing.  The program would actually give a graphical demonstration of the machining process.