Annual Swap Meet and BBQ

Host  Tool Craft

February 12th 2005

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Members in Attendance

Marty Escarcega, Bill VanOrden (aka Beevo), Tom Haltmeyer, Bob Sanders, Neil Peters, Donna Bissing, Doug Ramerth, Neil Butterfield, David Butterfield, Bob Harbour, Robert Reisman, Gene Neigoff, Gene Lucas, John Cannon, Alan MacDonald, Jerry Hines, Dale Schmidt, Tom Davis and The ToolCraft Crew

The annual BBQ & Swap Meet (did I get that in the correct order of importance?) was held once again at ToolCraft in Glendale.  All of us would like to thank Bob Sanders and his crew for letting us set up in the relative dryness of the covered parking stall and invade the shop itself when the need arose.  The weather was damp, drizzling and cool most of the morning.  The weather gods gave up and let the clouds start to break up just as we were leaving around noon.

Attendance was a bit off, mostly I am sure, due to the weather which did not look good when I stuck my head out the front door around 7:30am.

A few items changed hands including this TIG welder brought by Bob Harbour.  Beevo jumped on it and it now resides in Tempe.

Robert Reisman had this Bridgeport M head for sale.  While it generated interest by several attendees it is still up for grabs.  Look for it and other items on our soon to be release Buy, Sell & Trade page.

Other goodies included some shop necessities like the boom box and the cart full of drawers.  Neil Peters sorts through some Home Shop Machinist magazines.

With the TIG sold, Bob Harbour decided to brave the rain and socialize with David Butterfield.

Standing amid Beevo's "stuff" the group socializes before the grills got pulled out for the burger and hotdog roast.  The "new guy" in the center background is Tom Haltmeyer who for once didn't have to pull guard duty on a meeting weekend!  Welcome back Tom!  Left to right are Marty Escarcega,  John Cannon, Alan MacDonald, Tom Haltmeyer, Jerry Hines, Dale Schmidt, and Neil Peters

All of us were too busy eating burgers and dogs to get any pictures taken during the BBQ portion of the get together.

All pictures courtesy of Tom Davis unless noted otherwise.