TIG Welding Redux

Hosts  Tool Craft & Rick Sparber

 April 2nd 2005

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Members in Attendance

Tom Davis

Owen Jeffers

Ron Vevin

Bart D. Hull

Gene A. Lucas

Marty Escarcega

Neil Peters

Louis Wilcox

Bob Sanders

Eugene N. Neigoff

Dale Schmidt

Rick Sparber

Neil Butterfield

David Butterfield

The meeting was held at Tool Craft, once again we give a hearty round of thanks to Bob Sanders and his crew.


Rick Sparber started the meeting with a discussion of welding safety

Bart Hull discussed welding aluminum with TIG


Dale Schmidt discussed TIG welding other metals


Bart demonstrated aluminum welding and then several club members got a chance to try their hand under expert tutors

Rick Sparber gave Safety Discussion, shown holding appropriate shirt.  David Butterfield, Tom Davis, Owen Jeffers, Bart Hull, Louis Wilcox, Dale Schmidt, Ron Vevin, and Bob Sanders watch.

Several welders were brought to the meeting.  Rick Sparber (back to camera), Owen Jeffers, Tom Davis, Gene Neigoff, Dale Schmidt, Ron Vevin, Louis Wilcox, Robert Sanders, Marty Escarcega and Bart Hull.


Another crowd shot.  David Butterfield, Gene Lucas’ back, Tom Davis, Gene Neigoff, Owen Jeffers behind Rick Sparber (with back to camera), Ron Vevin, Louis Wilcox, Robert Sanders.


Bart Hull holding tip shows correct assembly of the torch


Bart Hull shows proper method of grinding tip, maybe we can get him to tell us about the helmut use.


Close up of grinding the tip


Tip installed in the torch head.  Cup has not been installed.


Bart Hull doing what he does well.  David Butterfield looks on while the technique is being discussed


Ron Vevin (back to camera), Bart Hull and David Butterfield