Rose Engine Turning

Host  John Lea

October 21 st 2006

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Some of the attendee’s


First item of interest is Neil Butterfield’s recently completed model of a “Economy” hit ‘n miss engine


The crowd checking Neil’s running engine.  I wish I could have been there to hear it run!


Rick Sparber describing his pivot pin for aligning milling machine vise


Accessories for Rose Engine and sample pieces done on the Rose Engine


Better shot of the samples


Close-up of typical rose Engine decorated pieces


Preparing to view Rose Engine video


Title page of video


Antique Rose Engine


Close-up of Rose Engine decorated lidded box


Another example


John Lea and his Lawler ornamental turning lathe


John and Dave Batten


Decorating a rosewood tape measure case on John’s Rose Engine


The spindle of the Rose Engine is rotated slowly by hand crank as the powered cutter, a single point tool, cuts the pattern. The spindle oscillates while it rotates as the follower follows the selected cam thereby generating the floral pattern.


Larry Carter decorating his tape measure


View of part of John’s organized shop


Close-up 0f the Lawler ornamental turning lathe


Neil decorating his tape measure


David Butterfield watching the turning process


David getting first class instruction from John Lea


David polishing his tape measure case


Completed rosewood decorated tape measure case




Updated 11/04/2006