Tim Coppage Shop Tour

November 18th 2006

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 Making name badges using Tim’s Hermes Pantograph


Jerry Hine, Alan McDonald, Gene Neigoff and host, Tim Coppage admiring Tim’s Hardinge tool room lathe. Note Tim’s Bridgeport in background.


Jerry Hine, David Butterfield, Alan McDonald, Gene, Neigoff and host Tim Coppage more admiration of the Hardinge.


General B.S., err "Technical Discussions".......


Gerald Goldberg, Tim Coppage, Jerry Hine and Milt Davis.


John lea, Bo Harbour, Brian Campanella, Bob Sanders, Milt Davis, Russ Huffman and Gene Lucas in front at host Tim Coppage’s large covered storage area.


Bob Sander’s in front of Tim Coppage’s ’46 Plymouth and propane fork truck inside the covered storage area. And it isn’t even filled yet…he’s got room to spare ??


Tom Davis conducting the business meeting.


Good view of Tim’s garage workshop entry.


Continuing the business meeting.


Tim, with CI flywheel in hand and base on table in front, describes his Domestic hit ‘n miss engine kit he is starting.


With Gene’s help Tim holds the raw castings as they will eventually appear in the finished “Domestic” engine. Neil Butterfield and Larry Carter also have identical kits. If we all live long enough someday we’ll have three of these beauties hitin' ‘n' missin' along.


Tom Davis, Bob Sanders, David Rabenius, Gene Lucas, Gerald Goldberg, Bob Harbour (behind Gerald), Brian Campanella, and Milt Davis watching the Metal Spinning video.


The video


Tim shows Jerry Hine how to operate the pantograph to make a name badge.


Owen Jeffers, John Lea, Jerry Hine and Glen Lynch at the pantograph.


Still at it.


David Butterfield making name badge.


Outside again in front of Tim’s tiny storage facility.


Back at the Hermes with Russ Huffman getting instruction from Tim.


John Lea, note his beautiful new name badge… telling Gene Lucas how it really is ???


Bob Sanders, David Rabenius and Russ Huffman at the pantograph.



Gene Neigoff and Brian Campanella at at the pantograph.


Gerald Goldberg explains how “he” uses a spin indexer to Tim Coppage and Russ Huffman.


Owen Jeffers admiring the Hardinge.


Larry Carter, Gene Neigoff (at the pantograph) Tim Coppage, Brian Campanella, Owen Jeffers, Jerry Hine, Bob Harbour and Gerald Goldberg (almost obscured, in the rear).





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