The Big Burner Build

Host Doug Endrud

July 7th 2007

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Attendees were:
Tom Davis
Owen Jeffers
Larry Carter
Neil Butterfield
David Butterfield
Kelly Cambern
Rick Sparber
Glen Lynch
David Rabenius
Alan McDonald
Doug Endrud
Gene Lucas
David Littleton
Tim Coppage
Bill VanOrden
Gerald Goldberg

This meeting had a significant amount of pre meeting prep work done.  Doug Endrud made a parts list and procured all the material in advance.

Marty Escarcega cut to length, threaded one end, and cut the air slots in the burner main body section.

Tom Davis cut to length the Stainless end bell shroud, the end bell spacer, and the nozzle holder pipe.

Tim Coppage drilled and tapped the holes for the set screws that hold the stainless end bell in place

Doug Endrud took the raw pieces and made the first 2 units to get all the machine setups figured out and working.

The meeting was a beehive of activity with several club members pitching in do the remaining machining on over 20 sets of burner parts

Owen Jeffers and Kelly Cambern ran Doug's mill cutting the 4 air slots in the air adjustment shrouds

David Rabenius ran Doug's lathe and drilled, tapered, and threaded the burner tip holding pipes.  He also bored out the reducing bushings to make the jam nuts to hold the burner pipes in place.

Larry Carter ran the belt sander to de-burr and slim down the burner body pieces

Tim Coppage did final filing and de-burr on the air adjustment shrouds

David Littleton cut slits in the end bell spacers.

Marty Escarcega cut the slits in the reducing bushings to make them the jam nuts.

Doug Endrud and other club members did the final assembly of the burners.

Doug setup and lit several of the burners to prove they worked as designed.

Neil Butterfield and Bill VanOrden took pictures.

The meeting was a long one lasting into the afternoon before we completed the 20 units we wanted to make.  We had raw parts for 30 units prepped in advance.

Doug's shop was a great place for this effort.  We had cool weather, lots of room, and good stuff touch and feel.

The BBQ was a big success.  Marty and Beevo did the honors on the grill and the food was plentiful and very good.  Thanks to everyone that brought their best stuff.

Gene Lucas promised to write an article about the burner and include pictures.  That is not complete yet.

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