Furnace Build 2009

Host Tim Coppage

November 17th, 2007


The following guys attended our furnace build meeting

Tom Davis                                       Tim Coppage Furnace builder
Brian Campanella Furnace builder                               Larry Carter
Doug Endrud Furnace builder                Glen Lynch Furnace builder
David Butterfield                                                        Rick Sparber
David Rabenius                                                         Kris Anderson
David Littleton Furnace builder                                    Gene Neigoff
Jeff Lynch                                                                  Neil Butterfield
Kelly Cambern Furnace builder                                       Gene Lucas





We completed all the furnaces we shad started. The refractory calculations Tim did came out right on the money.   We owe a big thanks to Tim Coppage for all his research, scrounging, and physical prep work for the meeting.

At the start of the meeting, Tim had:

Cleaned all the buckets to be used

Searched the internet and found a website that had a calculating  model for the amount of refractory needed. This was a great way to insure we had the proper amount of this expensive stuff with no waste.

Developed the total cost of a furnace body so we could advertise what a signup meant in dollars.

Diligently cut cost to allow a last minute price reduction from  $100 to $70 per furnace. Thanks for the great present Tim.

Researched and found a local source of refractory & fronted the money to purchase the refractory

Using donated materials and scrounged stuff, fabricated the frames for the lids

Secured the loan of a mixer for the refractory

Poured the bottom layer of refractory in every bucket so it could dry in advance

Furnished the tube for burner hole forms

Fabricated the burner hole tube to be cast into each furnace

Located and purchased the cardboard tubes to form the inside walls of the furnaces

Located and proved the use of the proper size hole saws for cutting the burner tube hole in the bucket side and inner tube form

Set up an air vibrator system to use to shake and settle the refractory as it was cast

Located and cut to size the spacer and ramming sticks to be used as the furnace body was cast He also provided a supply of latex gloves and face masks

Fabricated a set of gripping tongs to remove a crucible from the furnace. These were used to insure the proper size inner form was used

Researched and fronted the cost of purchasing the right size crucible for the furnace design we were building.

With all these things done, the furnace and lid casting session went  very smooth. We started right at 9:00 a.m. and were done with all casting by noon. The pictures will show many participants working together to make this happen.

Each guy building a furnace had help getting all the steps complete and we sure had a fun and intense busy 3 hours of activity.

Thanks again to Tim Coppage for his advance work that made this  meeting so successful.


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