Machine Scraping Demo

October 27th, 2007



Attendees were:

Tom Davis                               Russ Huffman
Tim Coppage                            Bob Harbour
Galen Quinn                                   Bob Miller
Bob Sanders                              Larry Carter
John Lea                                       Jerry Hine
Gerald Goldberg                        Owen Jeffers
Stan Gorodenski                       Gene Neigoff
Bill VanOrden                              David Vogt
Teri Kinnison                             Rick Sparber
Steve Koerner                                Phil Burke
Neil Butterfield                    Brian Campanella
David Rabenius                                               


The scraping demo was very well followed.

The host recommended the book "Testing Machine Tools" by G Schlesinger published by Pergamon Press in 1978

The fly leaf listed:  Pergamon Press    Maxwell House   Fairview park   Elmsford, N.Y.  10523

A new Bridgeport from the factory is built to .001" per accuracy.  After scraping the machine, it can be improved to .0005" per foot  accuracy.

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