Tramming A Vertical Milling Machine

Host   Tom Davis

April 28 th 2007

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Members in Attendance

Tom Davis     Jerry Hine    Neil Butterfield     Brian Lamb     Jim Wright      Bob Sanders     Tim Coppage     Gerald Goldberg    

Bill Townsend  Marty Escarcega     Doug Endrud     Larry Carter     John Lea     Gene Lucas     Tony Cassinat     David Rabenius





Crowd starts to gather





John Lea, Tom Davis, Neil Butterfield. Jim Wright, Doug Endrud, Marty Escarcega, and the donut table (which your webmaster missed out on again!)


Installing the straight edge perpendicular to the table X axis


Tramming the alignment of the mill head perpendicular to the table X axis

The locking bolts for the mill head to be loosened to adjust alignment to the table X axis



Using a 123 block to check the head alignment zero for tilt left to right



Tramming the fixed vise jaw for alignment to the X axis


A model engine for show & tell brought by Jim Wright??

The two documents referenced in this page can be downloaded from the Download Page on this site.



Updated 5/20/2007