Date Subject
January 11th 2014 Drill Sharpening w/ Brian Lamb
February 10th 2014   Annual Swap meet
March 15th 2014  Annual Member Picnic
April 12th 2014 IMS Open House
May 10th 2014 Dave Maggiano Shop Tour
June 14th 2014 Networking Meeting at Tool Craft - Glendale
July 12th 2014 Local Motors - Chandler
August 9th 2014 Jerry Goldberg Chino Valley, Roy Rickle Shop construction Inspection
September 13th 2014 Networking Meeting at Tool Craft - Glandale
October 11th 2014 Kevin Caron - Welding and Metalwork tips
November 15th 2014 Anodizing with Beevo - Tempe
December 13th 2014 Powder Coating with Beevo - Tempe