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Enco Mill for sale


Hi Boys, for sale 1980's Knee Mill $1500.00 or best offer. not much tooling set of r-8 collets small vice.


I like to personalize My equipment and other stuff So...... My tool room was on the list. The threading carriage stop uses Allen screws to lock  the stop and make changes.

Tried it and didn't like it. A lot of fumbling, two different Allen wrenches, Not Good!!  The plan, replace Allen with knobs. Not just any Knob! This is where I can get Goofy,

but I like it. I really like machine parts from the early live steam period. The fun starts!! By the way a small disk of brass makes a huge difference, it protects the clamped surface

and makes the clamping a bit more sticky or seams-to. Zoooo......Check out the Pics and tell Me what you think! 

Roy Rickel